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If you have purchased our Pro Ringtone Converter that comes pre-loaded with ringtones but the tones have been deleted you can get them back by uninstalling the app then reinstalling it. You will not be charged twice. Make sure you have saved all ringtones as this will reset the app.

How to Convert Ringtones Bought in the iTunes Music Store


Do it for free with FREE Ringtone Converter.

Nothing beats FREE and that is why Hahaas offers you this FREE ringtone converter. All "songs" bought in the iTunes Music Store need to be converted from "songs" to "ringtones". Our converter creates ringtones of any Hahaas Songs bought in the iTunes Music Store. It'll also create ringtones 30 seconds long from any song in your iPod library. Here are steps to get you started:
1. Download Hahaas FREE Ringtone Converter Here.
2. Pick a song from your iPhone or iPod library.
3. Set a start point.
4. Hit a button to create your ringtone in seconds.
5. Sync your ringtones with your iPhone.

Enjoy your ringtones!