Comedians and Stand Up Albums at Hahaas Comedy Ringtones

Joey Diaz - Savage Dad wait is over! Joey Diaz brings the house down with his latest album Savage Dad. It's been #1 Worldwide in iTunes the first 2 weeks it's been available. Joey takes no prisoners as he jokes about Caitlyn Jenner and being a Savage Dad and a bunch of other politically incorrect topics. Recorded at the DC Improv by Joel Haas in August 2015. Check it out at iTunes.

Joey Coco Diaz - You Can't Eat Pussy With Asthma new album from Joey Diaz is here. Over 2 hours and 4 minutes of funny stories that will blow your mind. Click here to get it in iTunes.

Joey Coco Diaz - Testicle Testaments 5: Crimes Against Myself 5 of the Testicle testaments from Joey is all about crimes against himself. To get the album in iTunes click here.

Joey Coco Diaz - Testicle Testaments 4: How I Got Into Comedy's another round of hilarious stories from Uncle Joey. Hear how Joey got into comedy with this episode 4 of the Testicle testaments. Click here to listen in iTunes.

Joey Coco Diaz - Testicle Testaments 3: The Person Who Made Me A Man shares how he became a man in this 70 minute show. Grab Testicle Testaments #3 here at iTunes.

Joey Coco Diaz - Testicle Testaments 2: Crime Stories Testaments 2: Crime Stories is Joey's 2nd story telling show and is currently on the iTunes & Billboard Comedy Charts. Only $1.99 get's you almost 2 hours of funny stories. Click here and check out these 13 crazy crime stories.

Joey Coco Diaz - Testicle Testaments #1 - The Kidnapping Coco Diaz is back with new material. It's the 1st show in his Testicle Testaments Story Telling Series. It's an amazing 70 minute story about how a drug deal went bad and he ended up being charged with kidnapping and did jail time. It's only $1.99 so click here and check out this amazing story that changed Joey's life forever.

Joey Diaz - It's Either You Or The Priest"It's Either You or The Priest" has been the top selling Comedy Album in the USA. It's Joey's second CD on the Hahaas Comedy label and the follow up to, "Live at The 3 Clubs'. You've seen Joey in movies such as "Bucky Larson", 'The Longest Yard" and "Spiderman 2" but you really know Joey from the #1 podcast, The Joe Rogan Experience. Joey's life experiences and stories of his past will blow your fucking mind! Get the CD and find out why Joey is one of the countries hottest comics!

Joey Coco Diaz - Live At The 3 Clubs In Hollywood has one of those faces that looks familiar and for good reason. When he's not performing stand-up he acting in movies and TV shows. He's appeared in movies such as Spider Man 2, The Longest Yard, Analyze That and many more. You can enjoy Joey and his storytelling with this incredibly funny CD. Hear Live At the 3 Clubs In Hollywood in iTunes

Marc Ryan - Live At The Skyline Ryan Live At The Skyline captures Marc at his funniest. You can hear this entire album on several of the Sirius XM Comedy Channels. Hear Live At the Skyline in iTunes

Jake Johannsen - Party Like It's 12/31/1999 is one of the funniest comedians working today and has performed on Letterman over 40 times. This classic show recorded on New Years Eve 1999 is vintage Jake. Where were you at the turn of the Millenium? Jake was Live At The Laff Stop. Hear Party Like It's 12/31/1999 in iTunes

Tom Hester - Live At Comedy Texas had one of the most popular comedy routines of all time on XM Comedy during it's 8 year run. You'll hear all his favorites with this show plus 3 versions of the 13 minute classic Fist Full Of Pills. Hear Live At Comedy Texas in iTunes

Eddie Gossling - Live At The Improv is a great comedian and comedy writer who currently writes for Comedy Central's Tosh.0 show. Eddie's voices, characters and absurd take on life will keep you laughing on this iTunes only recording. Find out the best way to go on Naked Interviews, How To Handle Getting Fired, How To Pray Like A Hobbit and get sex tips from the Sexual Warlock. Hear Live At the DC Improv in iTunes

Mike Merryfield - Live At Loonees's improv and crowd work are second to none on this hysterical CD. You'll hear Mike do completely different material for 2 shows on this recording. These are played regularly on 3 of Sirius XM's Comedy Channels. Incredibly funny stuff and a great bargain. Hear Live At Loonees in iTunes

Allan Havey - Stare Into The Sun: The Best Of Allan Havey has been lighting up comedy audiences since the early 80's. As one of Comedy Central's first talk show hosts he built a large fan base. He's appeared on Seinfeld, Curb Your Enthusium, Punked and in several movies. Hear all of Allan's classic bits and best new material with Stare Into The Sun. Get Stare Into the Sun - The Best Of Allan Havey in iTunes

Brad Trackman - Safecracker Safecracker in iTunes

Caroline Picard - Live At The Laff Stop Live At the Laff Stop in iTunes

Doug Powell - Live At The Improv Live At the DC Improv in iTunes

Doug Powell - That's Where Babies Come From + 25 Ringtones That's Where Babies Come From in iTunes

Doug Powell - Robots: Digital Love In An Analog World Robots: Digital Love In an Analog World in iTunes

Eric Hunter - As A Comic, In All Seriousness... As a Comic, In All Seriousness in iTunes

Martin Moreno - Live At The Improv Live At the Improv in iTunes

Matt Kazam Twice the Funny in iTunes

Noe Gonzalez - Live At The Improv Live At the Improv in iTunes

Tim Wilkins - Live at Side Splitters Live At Side Splitters in iTunes

Erik Myers - Show The Movie Show the Movie in iTunes