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Hahaas Comedy has 15 funny podcasts that are incredibly popular in iTunes. Join us as we discuss and feature new and popular Hahaas Comedy Ringtones. Get Behind The Hahaas and hear what's new and funny in the ringtone world.

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Behind The Hahaas is a comedy show about ringtones. It's hosted by Joel Haas, founder of Hahaas Comedy. Joel is one of the World's top comedy producers & recording engineers. He's produced & recorded hundreds of comedy CD's & live stand-up shows on top of thousands of best selling ringtones. Joel is also a 20 year comedy radio veteran & former Comedy Director & DJ for XM Satellite Radio. He is the World's premiere comedy radio programmer and has also helped Pandora and Slacker design and program their comedy channels.


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Behind The Hahaas: Show #1

Hey Sucka Ringtone (Haha 1 1), Sexy Phone Call Song (Haha 1 2), Beavis & Butthead Wake Up Alarm Parody (Haha 1 3), Jungle Animal Ringtone (Haha 1 4) & Angry Birds Parody Ringtone (Haha 1 5).

Behind The Hahaas: Show #2

Samuel L. Jackson Olympic Parody Message (Haha 2 1), Fuck You Mitt Romney Ringtone (Haha 2 2), Fuck You Obama Ringtone (Haha 2 3), Hey Mutha Fucka iPhone Funk Ringtone (Haha 2 4), Special Olympics Ringtone Parody (Haha 2 5)

Behind The Hahaas: Show #3

Ringtone Converter by Hahaas (Haha 3 1), Maniac Text Alert Tone (Haha 3 2), Funny Mother Lovin Text Alert Tone (Haha 3 3), CB Radio Text Alert Tone (Haha 3 4), Vote For Mom Ringtone (Haha 3 5), Mom Calling Train Ringtone (Haha 3 6), Funny Mother Fuckin Phone Ringtone (Haha 3 7), Olympics Alarm (Haha 3 8), Astronaut by Doug Powell (3 9)

Behind The Hahaas: Show #4

The Redneck Show: Huge SOB Voicemail Alert (Haha 4 1), Single Wide Text (Haha 4 2), Annoying Person Calling (Haha 4 3), Good Time Redneck (Haha 4 4), Hot Girlfriend Calling (Haha 4 5), PCP (Haha 4 6), Knight In Shining Armour Calling (Haha 4 7), Rise & Shine Alarm (Haha 4 8), Mother Calling Outtake (Haha 4 9), Redneck Theme Song (Haha 4 10), Best Friend Message (Haha 4 11), You've Got A Text Message (Haha 4 12)

Behind The Hahaas: Show #5

The Fuck Show: Super Duper Excited Fuck Face (Haha 5 1), Shit Fuckin Call Ringtone (Haha 5 2), Funny Asian Girl Kung Fu Alert Tone (Haha 5 3), Pac-Man Fuckin Shit Parody Alert (Haha 5 4), Mother Fucker Text Movie Trailer Message Alert (Haha 5 5), iPhone Fuck Tone (Haha 5 6), Funny Asian Girl Fuck Like Rabbit Ringtone (Haha 5 7), Stupid MF'er Video Game Ringtone (Haha 5 8), Fucktard Warning Alert (Haha 5 9), A$$ Fuck Is Texting You Rock Tone (Haha 5 10), Who The Fuck Wants To Talk To This Asshole (Haha 5 11), Fat Fucker Phone Call (Haha 5 12), Stupid Fuckin Bastard Pac-Man Parody Text Alert (Haha 5 13), iPhone Made In China Funny Asian Comedy Ringtone (Haha 5 14)

Behind The Hahaas: Show #6

The Clean Show: This week we feature some of our funniest family friendly ringtones. These super clean ringtones are customized for when parents call their children and when they call you. Sneak these on to your kids phones and set them for when you call. Your kids phones will be the center of attention.